• 17 Super Stylish Wardrobe Setups for the Modern Man

    6th March 2016 - Alex Jenkins

    Getting out of bed in the morning is a struggle for many, what happens next is that you open the wardrobe door and choose your style for the day. For many, including myself this is often an experience where you shift through a rail of often randomly placed items in the hope of finding a suitable mix. Today is different, today is the day you become super stylish and organised, and we are going to help you choose your perfect setup.

    mens walk in wardrobe box design

    01 – Our first wardrobe houses a simple boxed layout that offers all the essentials within easy reaching distance. Another great point is that this open plan design is affordable to even those on a very tight budget. The central boxed layers can house anything from shoes to folded T-shirts with hanging rails for regular items on either side.

    minimalist men's wardrobe design

    02 – For those with a very limited amount of space we move onto a more traditional sliding door design. If you are lucky enough to be able to build the wardrobe into an alcove or sink this into a spare wall it gives a great effect. This is proof that great design doesn’t need acres of space.

    Budget black men's fabric wardrobe

    03 – For those on very low budgets, temporary accommodation or want everything in a simple package, this fabric wardrobe is great for you. For under £100 ($160) you can have this set up in a matter of minutes. We can see this as being an ideal setup for a student who may have to store all of their items in a single room.

    classic full size men's walk in wardrobe

    04 – This next design is what we class as ‘every man’s dream’. A supersize bedroom with a large open plan wardrobe, ideal for those who like to keep their formal and casual items aside. For all its plusses it does lack a mirror. We would advise on swapping out some of the clothing space for a full size mirror, because you need to make sure that you look good.

    Corner walk in wardrobe with fitted lights

    05 – We have chosen this wardrobe to feature as it houses two very nice features. The first being that it fits into a corner of a room very nicely, for those who don’t have an entire spare wall in their bedroom, a corner design may be the best choice for you. The second design feature we especially like is the fitted lights just above the wardrobe. This sets it off nicely and would give you optimum lighting when searching through your clothing.

    grand open wardrobe design

    06 – Don’t want a traditional white fixture? How about a dark oak effect. A nice added corner feature works really well in this example and would be very possible in the majority of modern houses. A carpet works well, especially if you have tiles or laminate flooring as during the colder months is makes choosing your clothing in barefoot that much more bearable.

    blue inbuilt minimal wardrobe space

    07 – This is a super stylish compact design. The blue wall really goes well with the grey interior of the shelving units. We also really like the mid-level shelf that runs across the entire wardrobe that really offers a great place to store miscellaneous items such as hats, keys wallets and accessories that are used regularly and so may not want to put away in a draw.

    Budget wardrobe idea in white

    08 – What we like about this design is that its, simple, cheap open plan and stylish all in one. Very each to match you current rom setup by simply changing the colour of the matching storage containers.

    Small wardrobe idea

    09 – This example is tailored for those with super tight space storage requirements. Layers of tightly knit shelving with rails either side allow tiers of items to be stored with maximum benefit. Just because you were the unlucky one who ended up with the box room doesn’t mean that you can’t have a nice wardrobe setup.

    Ideal walk in wardrobe for spare room

    10 – Ideal for those with a large bedroom or spare room with fitted wardrobes. A very clean stylish setup can be masked with sliding doors or curtains if desired. Once again another great example of space well used.

    Sunk in wall wardrobe classic effect

    11 – A classic open double door layout in this next example gives you that real sense of pride as you pull back the handles of the double doors to reveal your stock of clothing. Again although it does look nice we would advise that on a practical level this option does not give you the ability to add a mirror that easily. Some other designs or sliding door designs allow a full sized mirror to be easily integrated.

    Organised rail wardrobe for the modern man

    12 – Quite simply the perfect choice of the ultra-professional. For those who spend most of their days in a suit and tie, a setup made almost entirely from rails is the best for you. This example is also an OCD patients dream with colour coordination and perfect spacing. Although I still have yet to make up my mind on the flooring.

    Dark oak wardrobe with built in lighting

    13 – We are calling this the dark stylish choice. Dark Oak panels with integrated lighting give a super smooth look (dim them low to give a feel you are shopping in Hollister). I have to admit I really like the look of this setup, but this does usually come with a price tag that is higher than what we have seen in designs above.

    Super sleek open plan wardrobe

    14 – The true open plan design. Want to easily see what is available at any time? This setup is stylish and practical as it offers storage for everyday items such as bags and coats without having to constantly open and close doors. Doors aren’t for everybody, sliding doors are especially bad with noise. When you are getting dressed and sliding heavy (often mirrored) doors back and forth everybody, unless you live in a detached house, they are going to hear you.

    Open plan men's wardrobe design

    15 – We liked this design because it has a lot of points (some already mentioned) that fit well into a modern home. It works well as a corner unit and doesn’t have any fancy doors or design features that may add to the price of the setup.

    3d the sims wardrobe mockup

    16 – For those who are struggling to find the right wardrobe setup, you could always try making one in 3D on ‘The Sims’.

    Rail based men's wardrobe in brown

    17 – Last yet not least is this rails based design that goes to show that even with limited space and a few simple rails a stylish look can be achieved. We also loved the way that they have a freestanding mirror that works well in corner or paired up a separate closet to house casual items such as T-shirts and Jeans.