• £2,600 Fine for real life Del Boy! Selling Counterfeit Designer Brands.

    20th December 2015 - Alex Jenkins

    It seems that despite repeated warnings people will still continue to break the law selling counterfeit goods. What is quite surprising about this one is that rather than use typical modern methods such auctions and second hand websites sites the offender was selling them from the back of his car. .


    West Sussex trading standards officers revealed that the offender was selling fake Nike, Adidas trainers and UGG boots for a fraction of the highstreet retail price. Police have described the operation much like a scene from the film Mary Poppins with an almost endless amount of fake goods being produced. The 25 year old repeatedly went into his car boot and offered them not only fake footwear but also tobacco, perfume, and high end brand clothing including Armani, Superdry, Ralph Lauren and Dolce & Gabana.

    Adrian Bodis admitted 17 charges of failing section 92 (1) of the trademarks act 1994 and was fined £2,600 and given a one year community order. He must remain within his house between the hours of 6pm and 6am.