• About Us


    The People

    We are a small group of enthusiastic designers, developers and content producers that have come together to create a simple way to find the latest fashion from multiple top name brands.

    What is MANBRAND?

    Simply – A male clothing website that allows you to quickly search through the latest fashion from multiple top name brands all in one place..

    What are the benefits of using MANBRAND?

    Best answered with an example – Tom is looking for a T-shirt, he usually searches on 2-3 websites from brands that he has bought from before or has recently seen in an advert. Tom then has to search through these multiple websites to find what he is looking for before making a purchase.

    If Tom came to MANBRAND then he could quickly search for T-shirts and tick only the brands that he was interested. All of the results for these brands would be shown to Tom on one site, saving him time.

    Another bonus is that Tom could instead set a budget, colour or T-shirt type and see results from brands that he would not normally buy from. Tom goes away happy with his new purchase from a brand that he didn’t know initially stock the perfect T-shirt he was looking for.

    There is no banner advertising on site, how do you make money?

    MANBRAND have unique deal set up with fashion brands that reward us for helping people find the right fashion for them. The more people we help, the more money we get paid, so we go out of our way to make sure that we give the best customer experience possible. This means no annoying banner ads, simply a great user experience.