• Superdry Winter Essentials – Top Picks of the New Range

    1st November 2015 - Garin Evans

    The winter season is finally upon us and Superdry once again have come out on top with their new stunning winter range. We choose our pick of the crop with a range of jeans, knitwear, jackets and shirts. You simply cannot go wrong with items purchase from this great brand. Quality is high and I guarantee you will reaching into your wardrobe time after time for these essentials.


    Our first essential buy includes a rather smart pair of jeans, every man should have a minimum of several pairs and the addition of the Superdry Corporal Slim Jeans would make a great addition to any wardrobe.

    Available in several colours, we have decided on this midrange blue that makes these jeans a perfect match with a pair of boots or shoes. Casual enough to wear to the office but matched with a smart shirt would allow you very easily to head out to one of many office Christmas events.


    Next on the list is the Vintage Sweatshirt Knit Henley, your winter wardrobe is never complete without at least a few new items of knitwear. This light grey jumper includes a large collar and a simple patch of embroidery on the right arm, finished with ribbed cuffs. It simply ticks all the boxes for us as smart, stylish and warm enough to see you throughout the colder periods.


    I am not going to lie to you folks, I love T-shirts. When I ask my girlfriend how many pairs of shoes and bags are enough, it is usually met with the following phrase ‘YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY!’ at a fair level of decibels.

    This applies to T-shirts, and my pick of the crop is this Vintage Superdry Logo. The collar isn’t too flashy which makes it perfect to wear under other hoodies and jumpers and if you do find yourself in a nice cosy warm pub then the cool blue and white logo stands out without being too overpowering.


    We can all agree that sometimes the cold winter weather can get us down but you can be certain that the run up to Christmas does mean lots of parties! It is vitally important that you have a good shirt – and what better than this very festive Flanagan Forest shirt in a colour I can only describe as Christmas red.

    A little secret, the colour red is very important. People who drive red cars get the most speeding tickets, get served at the bar quickest and statistically get more attention from females than if they were not wearing red.


    Last on our list of Superdry winter essentials Is this Fuji Double Zip jacket. We advise to always spend the most time choosing the right jacket, as like most men I only tend to wear a few different types during the winter period. This means that you are going to be wearing it quite often, so not only does it have to be compatible with many different types of clothing but also provide enough warmth when you are out and about.

    Yes, this bomber jacket is plain black in colour but this always give you the flexibility that it will literally go with anything that you wear. It also comes with a hood in case you get caught in a rain shower and comes with either a bright blue or red lining.