• It’s True! Dressing in Red can Help Your Chances. Why Colour is so Important….

    1st November 2015 - Garin Evans

    Think for a moment – you open your wardrobe door, have a quick scan around and take out a T-shirt, jumper or hoodie. It only lasts a split second but the decision you make can be vital to the outcome of your day. All a load of rubbish you say?

    Not at all, let me tell you why, I’ll even throw in a bit of science, history and nature into the argument.

    Colour, simply defined as light in different wavelengths. Such a simple concept but can have a very drastic effect on our behaviour. One example is the way humans should act if they see an animal or insect with bright yellow or red markings as in the animal kingdom this always spells danger. Spider with a red back, snake with yellow belly or closer to home a wasp with a yellow stinger? RUN! Usually arms flailing!

    So back on to fashion and let’s take a quick look at colours and what they mean.




    The fashion world has always loved black due to its versatility and ability to exude authority and power. This is due to two reasons – one is that as we look back in history from around 1550 onwards – black was a difficult colour to make. Secondly, only the highest nobility in the land were allowed to wear black.

    However, too much black on the other hand can make you look unapproachable, dark or edgy. So remember, black puts you in a position of power. Use it if you have any face to face meetings planned or want others to take you seriously – just don’t end up looking like a James Bond villain (unless the aim of the day is slowly lowering colleagues into shark tanks)!



    Another staple in the fashion wardrobe. White literally goes with anything but is best used when paired with a combination of different colours. A symbol of being fresh, clean and innocent, which is why if you ever think you will reach past second base you should always be wearing a nice clean pair of boxer shorts – (hence the reason white Calvin Klein’s are so popular).

    A word of warning that white can washout quite easily, keep a few plain white T-shirts and boxers if this is your thing, but make sure they are renewed – often.



    The most common colour of clothing found after the extremes of black and white. Scientific research has shown the blue light wavelength releases chemicals in the body that have a soothing and calming effect.

    Blue is mainly associated with loyalty and has the broadest appeal compared to any other colour, for example, a blue tie would be an ideal pairing to a black or navy suit.



    The colour red is associated with romance and passion. Science shows that red is the most arousing colour for men. Women sense that a man who has chosen to wear red is emotionally charged or as we say around here ‘well up for it’. So this is a win/win if you are looking to raise your chances, be it male or female.

    Why not match the occasion to the shirt? Red is iconic for the Christmas period so why not bring out your favourite red shirt and really get into the Christmas spirit.



    A colour that represents a position of authority or power. For males brown is often the dominant colour of leather jackets, tweed blazers and long winter coats.

    I have never been a fan of the tweed jacket but maybe because they are reserved for when you have finally made it as a company director, CEO or marketing director (maybe one day).



    Purple – A colour associated with those who are more artistic or creative in nature. One of the main reasons why is that only a select few can really pull off purple items of clothing.

    I for one would look like Gene Wilder from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory if I tried to pull off a purple suit. On the flipside if you do look good in purple then it’s a sure sign that you have a high level of self-confidence.

    Orange – I am going to keep this short and simple. Orange is an attention grabbing colour that can be used only in very limited quantities such as stitching and inside lining.

    WARNING – never wear an item of clothing with orange as a main colour. You may think you look cool, in the real world you will either look like a highway maintenance person or the one half of dumb and dumber.

    Green – As many say is ‘the colour of money’ and so no doubt is associated with money and wealth. Green is proven to put those around you in a positive mood and bring you luck (or does that only apply to the Irish?).

    Like purple, green does fit into that minor colour category. Many see green as an irregular colour that is hard to match with other items of clothing.



    Pink should only be reserved for charity fun runs and fancy dress. What if it’s salmon? No, this does not suddenly make it a potential wearable item, put it down!