• Superdry go from Strength to Strength with the Launch of their Biggest European Store

    17th December 2015 - Alex Jenkins


    Global fashion brand Superdry once again look to expand with the launch of their biggest store to date. The Superdry group has again seen a major increase in market share throughout 2015 taking advantage of its position of sitting in the gap where price meets quality. Located in Germany (Schildergasse 72-76) within the heart of main shopping district Köln. It boasts an impressive 1,800 meter floor space and will host the usual mix of male and female clothing and accessories.


    The design of the store follow similar trends throughout continental Europe and the UK with the solid wood flooring and impressive lighting displays. The design has two main functions, the first being that a customer instantly recognises the brand and finds the surroundings familiar even if they were to walk into a store in another country. The second being that the store is created with an interior that reflects the brands image, in this case a modern urban feeling.

    In addition Superdry has taken the opportunity to showcase the new Idris Elba premium collection. This is the first instance that we can recall where Superdry have decided to employ a brand ambassador to their line of clothing.